In trying and difficult times our soul yearns for Shanti (peace) and Shambala (tranquility). 

Sandeep Chowta and his musical brother, guitarist Tony Das (Thermal & a Quarter, Peepal Tree & Bhoomi), have produced a new album titled Re-Laxman Vol 1.


As the name suggests it is music to relax and de-stress with. The album is a collection of 6 original easy listening compositions. The common theme running through these tracks is Sandeep’s fantastic keyboard compositions overlaid by Tony’s beautiful guitar work. All the tracks are targeted to being relaxed and chilled out.

As an innovative idea, there are  two “JamTracks” included in the album for those that are musically inclined. This gives the musicians or aspiring musicians an opportunity to express their musical interpretation of the tracks. 

The album is being released by indie record label Namma Music, and for those that are counting it is the 14th release in the 7th month since inception.




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