our rates start at $75/hr for audio production and $150/hr for video production

Set Up                           - $75/hour

Video Studio Session  - $150/hour


Audio Studio Session  - $100/hour [includes studio engineer]

Camera Operator        - $75/hour

Offline Audio Session  - $75/hour

Offline Video Edit         - $75/hour

Producer Fees              - Quoted per Project (cash + points)

Session Musician Rates - starts at $50/hour [drums, bass, keys, piano, guitars, etc]

Location shoots with camera operator

- camera rental: $200 per camera

- crew rental: $75/hour per camera operator

Footage Buyout - $100 per hour of shoot (includes footage from all cameras)

Live Stream your Event - Add $150 (up-to 4 camera angles switched in real time)

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