The people who say gear isn’t everything probably haven’t used the good stuff. We’re fully stocked with the best gear in the industry to capture and edit your performance, with brands like Neumann, Neve, Universal Audio, and Canon. We also know the gear matters less than the people using it, which is why we only work with the best crew to make sure we get the most out of the studio and your performance.


Desk - Argosy G30

Mics - Neumann U87, Blue, Sterling, Shure, Octava, Audix

Cables - Mogami

Snakes - Whirlwind

PA Mixer - Behringer X32

Interface - 32 channels - Apollo x16s

DAW - Pro Tools, Logic, Fruity Loops, Ableton Live

Virtual Instruments - Native Instruments Ultimate, Serum

Software Plugins - FabFilter Suite and Universal Audio

Hardware Preamps - LA-610, Avalon 737sp, Neve X73i, Focusrite ISA828, Summit Audio

Monitors - Adam A7, Neumann KH-310


Drums - TAMA SLP Maple 5 Piece Acoustic Drums

Acoustic Guitars - Gibson 2018 Hummingbird, Takamine

Electric Guitars - Ibanez 540s, Ernie Ball JP6, PRS Custom 22

Bass Guitar - Fender Jazz Deluxe

Keys - Yamaha XS8, MOXF6

Midi Controllers - Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL S61

Piano - Yamaha C3 baby Grand Piano


DMX Controller - DasLight computer controlled and fully wireless automation

Fixtures - Chauvet and ADJ


4 Canon C100 Cinema Cameras

1 5D Mark II DSLR Camera

1 Nine Foot Crane/Jib

1 Ronin Camera Stabilizer fully motorized with remote control operation

GVM Continuous lighting

Blackmagic Video Convertors for HiDef LIVE Audio/Video streaming

Telestream Wirecast and Sling Studio for live stream video automation

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